Our Story

While working on our week long vacation, we came across a big hurdle. There was no single site that had it all. We wanted to see lodging that was close by to shuls, Mikvahs, and kosher food. But for each amenity we had to look at a separate website. Yes, there was a website that listed just shuls. And another one for only Mikvahs, and yet a third for kosher food. As you can imagine, it was very difficult to go back and forth between so many sites to book a single vacation. Then and there, we decided there had to be a better way! Whether traveling for business, vacation, or medical reasons we got you covered.

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In partnership with some of the biggest booking platforms, as well as a marketplace that allows you to list your home for vacation rentals.



We are directly connected to the largest Minyan database in the world, keeping you with up-to-date about Minyanim across the globe.



We connect you to Mikvahs, enabling you to travel while meeting your religious needs. Our listings include detailed and useful information at your fingertips.



We're happy to offer you hotels and vacation homes across the globe. Whether you are looking for someplace exotic, historical, or a different climate, you'll find it here.

Our Mission

We are currently working on adding lots and lots of properties. Also in the works is, kosher food delivery to your door and kosher restaurants nearby, because what’s a vacation without good food? En route to our site is also kosher entertainment, Yom Tov necessities delivered to your door, and flights to take you to your destination with enough time to spare before Shabbos!